S-bat is one of departments of Auto SAS Ltd. It provides complete services in the area of industrial batteries. We specialize in servicing and preventative examinations for users of industrial batteries - lead acid, gel, semi / traction and starter.

We have a common goal:

To reduce cost of operation and maintenance of industrial batteries and extend their life.

baterie pro vysokozdvizne voziky

Altough our company is here for over 20 years, a department S-bat was established a few month ago due to the wishes and increasing demand of independent and professional service for customer's batteries.

In other words, we are ready to take your worries about your industrial batteries.

We support a sustainable system of usage and battery consumption for your fleet or for other purposes. To do this, we used a highly efficient system involving preventative maintenance, servicing, regeneration and reconditioning of industrial batteries. There are also consulting services, training, and last but not least, the sale of spare parts and accessories for batteries.

If you are interested, contact us.

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